I haven’t put anything up here for a while, I suppose because I’ve been speechless, speechless over the absurdity of the world around me. Our American news is now made up of ‘fluff’ stories, leaving the real news for other countries and non-traditional media outlets to cover, and we no longer know whom to trust. The national media has no time for real news, not with politicos sending pictures of their genitalia over the electronic waves, Playboy magnate Hefner’s wife-to-be running off at the last minute, Hollywood actresses out crashing into multiple vehicles and eluding police after a night of heavy drinking, and young role models caught on video getting as high as a kite. Oh, and we mustn’t forget Charlie Sheen! I would love an estimate of how many hours of news have been devoted to Charlie Sheen and his… whatever it is/was.

Meanwhile, our economy collapses in ruin around us. People are losing their jobs in ever-increasing numbers while the corporations, the wealthy, and apparently China, manage to slice off an ever larger, undeserved piece of our economic pie. Well, maybe China deserves it, but their payment may come in non-monetary form, like ownership of your house.

But beyond our economic and media collapse, we can see the downfall of the American spirit. This has to do with more than just our outlook- it has much to do with our mores and values. People lie more, respect less, maybe take a little something that doesn’t belong to them, but they figure it is owed to them. Kids don’t respect authority anymore, mostly because they receive no respect, and see very little respect in their daily lives. Adults care less about the things they used to hold dear, the causes and the little things they could do to make life better for others. Now, they complain and criticize for catharsis. Upstanding citizens find themselves at the point of breaking, perhaps filled with a sense of hopelessness, tired of being lied to and treated like criminals, even when they are not.

“What’s the problem officer?”

“I need to search your car.”


“You probably have something illegal in there.”

“But why did you pull me over?”

“Your rear license plate is not properly illuminated.”

“But you were coming toward me, and it’s daytime.”

The officer reaches for his taser gun…

I know of three people arrested in the last month, and none of them was read their rights. Apparently, this is no longer required since we no longer have rights. Women especially are losing their rights, rights to healthcare and rights that give them equality, and the nation watches as one state after another passes absurd legislation to limit those rights that our mothers and grandmothers fought so hard to obtain.

Police are cracking down like never before on criminals involved in underage drinking, unpaid traffic tickets, some poor schmuck who got busted with a doobie, and those unfortunate souls who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time (occasionally losing their life because of it), meanwhile, the corporate and federal thieves walk amongst us, free to do as they please to stuff their pockets, even if that means foreclosing on property in which they have no financial interest. Hey, it was worth a shot, right?

People hope for change, they vote for change, only to discover that the kind of change they want is impossible with our current society and government. We’ve painted ourselves into a corner, and the only way out is going to create an even bigger mess, a change greater than we, horrible creatures of habit, can handle. We long for change yet are unwilling to live with the consequences that change will bring, so, we aim for little changes that do nothing but disappear into the vast and polluted ocean that is our country and our way of life. We aim for little changes because the big changes necessary are too scary, too many, too unattainable, and to bring about these changes, we would have to get off our lazy asses and actually DO something, and then, there’s always the risk that we will look silly if we step out of line and rock the boat. What will the neighbors think? What will the neighbors think when the police come to arrest you for your unpaid bills? What will you think when your neighbor is hauled off to jail? Does it even bother you that your rights were signed away by some oil-grubbing, bureaucratic thief who could care less what happens to you?

Rant over. For now.