I am a U.S. based writer of fiction and short articles. I completed my first novel, Rhythm in Blue, in April 2010, and have since been experimenting in other genres. I have several erotic short stories and novellas published under the pen name Brandie Buckwine. I like to write about music and bands because music has always been such a big part of my life, but I never had the attention span or dedication to learn to play.

Growing up, my family moved around a lot. I’ve lived in eight states and spent a total of eight years living on the Greek island of Paros. All of these locations and experiences have shaped me, in an odd, disconnected sort of way, but such is life (etsi enai h zoi) as they say…

My current project is a New Adult Romance about three young adults living under the intense focus of their peers, family, and community, and how their every action, word, and thought affects everything around them. The working title is Pushing Away and I hope to complete it this spring, 2013.

If you are a writer, join my Unblocked Writers Group on Facebook to share ideas and get feedback on your work. Thanks for stopping by!

Download a sample or buy a copy of Rhythm in Blue.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. R.B. Clague said:

    Good going, Tammy. Keep it up.

  2. Tammy,
    I like your blog very much. Thanks for commenting on my baseball blog. Are you a fan of sandlot baseball?
    Rich Kenney
    PS The ball you were asking about landed in the Atlantic Ocean about 50 years ago…

    • Rich,
      My two boys play baseball, although my oldest played his last year and just finished up- 19 years old. We used to live in a small town (pop 1000) when they were little and we lived across the street from the town baseball park. In the summer time, they always got big pick-up games going. It was so much fun to sit on the porch and watch them for hours. I love to watch them play… Now we live too far from the ball park, but I announce their games and run the scoreboard for regular season games.

  3. Tammy,

    I am curious to hear where your problems were in particular when you tried to follow my eBook formatting series. If there are things that I left out that you found important and missing, please let me know so I can potentially fix the problem.

    As for your question how to preview stuff on the Kindle, all you really have to do is to create the mobi file, connect your Kindle to you computer. It should then appear as a new drive on your computer. Then simply move the file into the “documents” folder on the Kindle and you will be able to read it there. Feel free to drop me an email at ghenkel [at] jasondarkseries [dot] com

    Alternatively, install the Kindle reader software for PC or Mac. It will also give you a pretty accurate impression of the book on the device while also making sure it displays properly for those people who actually use these software readers on their desktop or laptop computers.

    • Hi Guido,

      Guido, first, I do need to thank you. I couldn’t have even started without your instructional series. My problems came from attempting to mimic your examples exactly. I think the problem is that I was trying to format for Kindle, specifically, and your instructions were more for epub. I had to go back and add to all my chapter heading, title, your beautiful vignette, and anything else I wanted centered. Also, you neglected to mention that the image file had to be located in the same directory as the html file. I also didn’t know from you instructions where to put the image command. At first, I thought it had to be wrapped around the chapter headings. Once I figured those things out, the task went much more smoothly. 😉 I didn’t understand what the ‘alt’ was for, and I’m still not sure why you use ‘pinstripe,’ but I replaced with my own once I figured it out.

      It didn’t help that my browser wasn’t showing me the results, but I figured out, quite by accident, that once I cleared it of cookies, it worked like a charm. Before doing that, I felt like I was working in the dark, so, needless to say, I was very frustrated. I think my final html product is a mess, and I’ll probably have to go back and clean it up (extra commands that don’t need to be there), but once I did some outside research and combined it with what you provided, I made much better progress.

      I have Kindle on my PC, but didn’t know I could open files from my computer with it. I will try it right away. I’m a little bummed now that I’ve read all the comments at the end of your section VIII, and find that images don’t work well in Kindle.

      Others that commented on your posts didn’t seem to have the same troubles as I did. This could be due to their experience levels or better reading abilities. And just a tip: it would be really nice if you could give titles to your lesson numbers- I had to keep flip flopping between them, as my memory is about as good as a flat tire.

      Again, thank you so much!

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